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In all our dealings with you at Dernis, from our introduction to one of your owners, to our Customer Service Representative who took us under wing and guided us through the entire process, to Gino our master stone-smith, to your installers, we found each of you to be thoroughly knowledgeable, cooperative timely, patient, friendly and expert. You were exemplary in every way.

We also thoroughly shopped price and stone selection, and found Dernis to be very competitive in those categories as well, but it was you, the people, who made the difference and why we chose you for our work initially and why we came back for the next job.
We parted at the end of these jobs feeling that you folks at Dernis were not just good trades people, but that you had sincerely reached out to make us friends, and to this day we regard you the same. You are our “Friends-in-Stone”

Charles & Carolyn,